"We didn't choose to come into this world, but we have this right to choose where we'll spend eternity."

The Family of God

God is Family.

God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit.

He designed mankind to live as a family.

People may live alone...

but they will be unhappy for trying to escape the pattern established by the Lord.

In the Family of God, there is no mother figure.

God is Self-existing.

However, when it comes to mankind, a woman completes a man.

God created Light, and saw it was good;

He created the earth and the waters, and saw it was good...

But after creating man, He saw that it was not good that he should be alone.

So, He created Eve.

She was not created to be a female, a woman or to be subservient to him...

but to be his helper.

Adam was given authority by God to take care of creation.

He could not do it alone. He needed a suitable helper.

That is, someone that was able, capable, competent, suitable and appropriate for the task.

So a helper was created for man.

They complemented each other in taking care of creation.

He would be the head, and she would be the body.

This family structure would be the basis of all development on the face of the Earth.

All the achievements of one, would be the achievements of the other.

Earthly families were designed to reflect the Family of God.

God’s project, as a whole, was corrupted...

but not the individual project.

The Spirit of God is seeking people to form families.

Families that can spread the perfume of the Family of God in this world.

Who is willing to serve as an instrument of the Holy Spirit?

Who is willing to sacrifice their dreams for the dreams of God?

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